{Adopted by the Florida Democratic League, Friday, May 5, 2017}

Lee, Robert E. Dallas, TX


WHEN MISGUIDED EXTREMISTS push us, as a people, to go along with the un-American banning and desecration of historic national symbols and memorial monuments, the Florida Democratic League, our state’s leading minority-led, Democratic voters’ civil rights and social justice advocacy organization, believes it’s time to publicly call out these extremists and demand forthright, honest answers to critical questions on this important issue.


FIRST, how are banning and desecrating our nation’s historic symbols and memorial monuments any different from book burnings, censoring speech, persecuting minorities, or outlawing political, religious or philosophical ideas or symbols?

SECOND, how will banning and desecrating our nation’s historic symbols and memorial monuments promote ethnic or racial tolerance, goodwill, and understanding?

THIRD, what right does anyone have to ban from our public spaces historic national symbols and memorial monuments representing political, philosophical or religious views they hate or dislike?

FOURTH, how are banning and desecrating our nation’s historic symbols and memorial monuments not ignorant, hate-filled acts of bigotry, intolerance, and violence against our democratic principles, constitutional freedoms, and our historical past as a nation?

FIFTH, regardless of why a historic memorial monument was erected by prior American generations, shouldn’t respect for those Americans, their lives and contributions, their civil rights and dignity demand respect for their historic symbols and memorial monuments as well?

SIXTH, how are our nation’s freedoms, civil rights and civic values upheld or strengthened by banning or desecrating our nation’s historic symbols and memorial monuments?

FINALLY, if the extremists pushing this ban had any respect for themselves, democracy and the Rule of Law, why don’t they put the issue to a vote of the people?

What isn’t clear about the fact that banning and desecrating our historic national symbols and memorial monuments is, at best, misguided extremism and, at worse, the naked abuse of political power and totalitarian misuse of government violence and force?

Doesn’t true love of country impose on us the duty to remember and respect the fact that all Americans, regardless of what side of the Civil War they were on, sacrificed, with courage and patriotism, to defend and uphold values and principles they believed, in good conscience, were true and worth fighting and dying for?


Isn’t it a sad spectacle for New Orleans Mayor Mitchell Landrieu to attempt to justify tearing down his City’s historical memorial monuments by arrogantly condemning fellow Americans defeated in the Civil War for falling “on the wrong side of history”? Would Landrieu ever have expressed the same opinion had the Confederates won? What does which side of history our fellow Americans landed in, have to do with respect for their rights, their dignity or their roots?

Renowned Russian intellectual, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, imprisoned and tortured by the totalitarian Soviet regime and praised everywhere as the great “Conscience of the West,” once wrote that “to destroy a people you must first sever them from their roots.” How does Mayor Landrieu’s ban differ from the destructive severing of roots Solzhenitsyn warned about?

Isn’t American history replete with instances of U.S. government crimes, injustices and corruption that are both painful and shameful to most, if not all, fair-minded, patriotic Americans? Will we ban the American flag? Why not take this issue to its logical conclusion, Mr. Landrieu? Are you ready to ban all historic national symbols, memorial monuments and public references of all former slave-owning Americans, our Founding Fathers included? And, while you are at it, would you agree to ban all former slave-holding states from the Union as well?

Stop the divisive demagoguery! Stop the hateful theatrics! Stop the ignorant, destructive attacks on American national symbols and memorial monuments!

Respect Historic Symbols and Monuments.
Respect Freedom. Respect America.

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{ Issued Thursday, November 10, 2016 }


ON TUESDAY, November 8th, the people of the United States expressed their will at the ballot box and elected entrepreneur Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States. Nationwide, Secretary Hillary Clinton got a popular vote lead of more than 2 million, while President-elect Trump won in 2,657 counties and Mrs. Clinton won in 487.

Unable to overcome the many criminal accusations and public scandals in which she has been involved, Mrs. Clinton lost the presidential election despite having spent a record $1.2 billion on her campaign — twice as much as President-Elect Trump who spent only $600 million, according to the latest records.

The Florida Democratic League extends our congratulations to President-Elect Trump for his victory and offers to work together, as we have done with every Administration, on issues of importance to the American people, in general, and Floridians, in particular. We are pleased with President-Elect Trump’s willingness and pledge to work with all Americans, regardless of party affiliation, on advancing legislation and public policies that put America first, both at home and abroad.

The central issues in this election have been, to name a few, the immoral and costly wars waged against other peoples throughout the world; the suicidal war against our own people through the grisly crime of abortion; a broken immigration system; the alarming spread of poverty across our land; the treasonous dismantling of our nation’s industrial infrastructure; the massive loss of jobs to slave or semi-slave labor in third-world countries; and an outlaw banking and monetary system that mercilessly exploits, impoverishes, and financially enslaves all of us.

The Florida Democratic League is committed to rolling up our sleeves and working with our President-Elect to solve these and other vital issues. We do so because we firmly believe that our country works best when all of us have the opportunity to succeed, and share in the prosperity we help to build. We also urge all members of Congress to put aside partisan politics and put America first, leading with an open mind for a better tomorrow. We must never forget just how far we’ve come, and safeguard the progress we’ve all made together.

We encourage the country to support our President-elect; to give him the chance to lead, sharing the belief that our prosperity and well-being are built on hard work, accountability, cooperation, and the traditional moral values and time-proven ethical principles that have made America great and will secure our future.

God bless the American people. God bless the President-Elect.

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POB 350751 | Jose Marti Station | Miami, FL 33135

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FDL Logo

Florida Democratic League Letter of Advice to all Candidates:


Dear Miami-Dade Candidate for Elected Office:
The Florida Democratic League, as our state’s leading, minority-led, Democratic voters’ human rights and social justice advocacy organization, alerts you to the fact that an extremist homosexualist hate group operating in the Miami-Dade County area calling itself “SAVE” Dade may invite you to meet with it and respond to a deceptive “candidate questionnaire.”
As a respectable political candidate, you should know that “SAVE” Dade has brought political defeat to practically every candidate it has endorsed in past elections. Among the candidates who, to their detriment, accepted this extremist group’s dubious endorsement and consequently went down in humiliating defeat are:
  • Gubernatorial candidate Bill McBride defeated by pro-Family Governor Jeb Bush;
  • Attorney General candidate Buddy Dyer defeated by then pro-Family Charlie Crist;
  • State House candidate Jackie Colyer defeated by now State Representative Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall;
  • State House candidate Anthony Williams defeated by now State Representative Wilbur T. Holloway;
  • State House candidate Israel Andrews defeated by now State Representative Edward Bullard;
  • State House candidate Ronald Herrera defeated by now State Representative Ken Sorenson, in Monroe County;
  • County Commission candidate Roberto Curbelo defeated by Commissioner Joe Martínez;
  • School Board Member Jacqueline Pepper defeated by challenger Frank Cobo;
  • Miami Beach mayoral candidate Elaine Bloom defeated by Commissioner David Dermer;
  • Miami Beach commission candidate Bernie Navarro defeated by Richard L. Steinberg;
  • Andres Rivero, County Commission District 7 lost to Carlos Gimenez and Xavier Suarez;
  • Incumbent Circuit Court Judge Bruce Levy lost to first-time candidate Barbara Areces in a landslide 58-42;
  • Incumbent Circuit Court Judge Henry Harnage lost to Peter Adrien in a landslide 57-43;
  • Incumbent County Court Judge Jeffrey Swartz lost to first-time candidate Ada Pozo-Revilla;
  • City of Miami Shores candidate Javier Reynaldos, “SAVE” Dade board member, came in last of four candidates in a much-touted “SAVE” Dade stronghold!
Let’s be very clear: rather than seeking to endorse your candidacy and your campaign, what “SAVE” Dade extremists are really seeking is your endorsement of their extremist agenda, their extremist ideology, and their extremist campaigns. How could this ever be, even remotely, in your best interest? It’s not!
You should also know that “SAVE” Dade doesn’t even represent or speak for the “gays” [sic], lesbians, or bisexuals in Miami-Dade who have chosen to disassociate and distance themselves from the group’s deceptive, thuggish and undemocratic tactics.
Through these unethical tactics, “SAVE” Dade extremists have made it clear that they’re not about respecting voter rights and the democratic process, but rather about exploiting political candidates and elected officials to advance their narrow-minded, self-centered ideological interests.
The Florida Democratic League enthusiastically supports the American electoral process and the constitutional right of all Floridians to equality, freedom, equal protection, and due process. On past Election Days, our hundreds of citizen-volunteers work diligently at polling places throughout Miami-Dade County defending the core civic values which constitute the bedrock of our nation’s freedoms and which ultimately produce great political victories.
We look forward to working with you in the days ahead, as we continue this most important effort on behalf of our families and, indeed, all Floridians, regardless of their color, creed, disability, nationality, sex or race. Together, we will forge with resolve the unity needed to make our communities great for everyone, including the individuals “SAVE” Dade extremists politically exploit and falsely claim to represent. Thank you and God bless you.
With warmest regards,

Eladio José Armesto           Nathaniel J. Wilcox
Chairman                                Human Rights Chairman


SAVE Dade Hellrotika 2011 01

SAVE Dade Halloween 2013 03

SAVE Dade Halloween 2014 02

SAVE Dade Hellrotika 2011 03

[All photos shown here are from publicized “SAVE” Dade events.]

How anyone with any dignity and self-respect would even entertain seeking endorsement from an outfit like this is beyond Miami-Dade voters!

For interviews, comments, or to belong, please contact us at:

POB 350751 | Jose Marti Station | Miami, FL 33135

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{Unanimously Adopted in Miami, Florida on March 2, 2012}

AS OUR STATE’S largest minority-led Democratic voters’ civil rights and social justice advocacy organization, the Florida Democratic League (FDL) is a battle-proven champion in the struggle for equality and respect for the dignity and rights of all Floridians regardless of race, color, sex, disability or creed.

The League, its directors, members and friends, are deeply troubled that any candidate would naively seek the endorsement of groups working against equality, human rights, civil liberties, constitutional freedoms, and the common good of all Floridians. We refer to groups such as the KKK, “SAVE” Dade, Equality Florida, Aryan Nations, among others, pushing ideological agendas that attack our cherished values, undermine the Rule of Law, and threaten, with their hate, bigotry and intolerance, the very fabric of our civil society.

“SAVE” Dade, in particular, is an extremist ideological hate group publicly on record in support of overthrowing Florida’s Constitution, undermining fundamental voter rights, and pushing an extremist ideological agenda that seeks to force all of us to accept as normal and sane, universally-rejected, sexual behavioral choices, fetishes, preferences, “identities” and “expressions” in violation of our Constitutionally-protected equal protection and due process rights.


Among its many egregious and unethical political practices, between 2002 and 2008, “SAVE” Dade attacked important democratic initiatives, voter referendums, and citizen petitions as well as openly and unabashedly endorsed the criminal violation of the fundamental right of citizens to democratically petition their government.

In 2010, the group attacked the basic rights of abandoned and orphaned children to adoption by families capable of providing them with healthy, sane, and biologically correct examples of sexual behavior, identity and expression. In 2014, “SAVE” Dade attacked Florida’s constitutional respect for the time-tested, voter-approved, historical definition of the institution of Marriage.

“SAVE” Dade has offended fair-minded citizens for exercising their constitutional and civil rights to frankly disagree with the hate group’s extremist ideology. Furthermore, it has supported the violation of the dignity, equality, and constitutional rights of all Floridians.

Given the numerous factors that influence the successful outcome of a political campaign, responsible candidates will never accept a hate group’s endorsement, even when it may appear as politically expedient, as this is inappropriate and unacceptable under any circumstance.


Candidates should be very weary of “SAVE” Dade, for while the group lures candidates with promises of endorsement and support, the group is not actually interested in helping any candidate, but rather in getting candidates to endorse and publicly support “SAVE” Dade’s extremist, ideological agenda! This is the outfit’s real objective.

In the end, many candidates have gone down in tragic defeat by naively getting in bed with “SAVE” Dade; while many successful ones would have won with even more votes had they wisely declined “SAVE” Dade’s so-called “endorsement.”

Consequently, respectfully declining “SAVE” Dade’s endorsement demonstrates a candidate’s honesty, integrity, commitment to the common good, and respect for the most cherished values, principles and ideals of fair-minded, tolerant Miami-Dade countians.



<< I hereby decline SAVE Dade’s endorsement. Thank you for your consideration. >>

Candidate’s Signature



Founded in 1991, the Florida Democratic League (FDL) is today our state’s leading minority-led civil rights and social justice advocacy organization. The FDL’s grassroots campaigns effectively raise issues of importance to all Floridians, especially minorities. As one of Florida’s most respected Democratic voters’ organizations, FDL is at the vanguard of local and statewide engagement to solve the most challenging problems of our time. FDL proudly reaffirms respect for innocent human life, promotes social justice and human development, works to preserve freedom through the Rule of Law, and inspires an end to hatred, ignorance and intolerance.

For more information, interviews, comments, or to belong, please contact us at:

POB 350751 | Jose Marti Station | Miami, FL 33135

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Regardless of Who the Victims Are…




MIAMI, FL [06.13.2016] – This Sunday’s killings in Florida have brought home to all Americans the horror and perversity of violence. Whether it’s a prayerful gathering of pious Christians, or a boisterous party at the self-billed “hottest gay [sic] bar” in Orlando, no one, absolutely no one, has the right to maim or murder anyone. Regardless of whom the victims are, all forms of violence must be condemned as being equally wrong; equally abhorrent.

Let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that some forms of violence are wrong while others are not. Yes, physical violence is wrong. But it’s not the only kind of violence being committed against Americans today.

There’s also spiritual, psychological and moral violence; the kind of violence of which America’s children, women, and families are victims in the pernicious campaign of bigotry, hate, and discrimination currently being waged against Christians in our country and throughout the world.

We must not be hypocrites. We must practice a consistent ethics of respect for human life be it physical, spiritual, or intellectual, as all life is equally precious and sacred. Selective indignation and hypocrisy turns us into accomplices and enablers of the violent.

Yes, we are all called to abhor and condemn acts of terror and hate such as the one committed in Orlando. But ethical consistency demands that we also abhor and condemn the not so subtle violence of those using the ugly slur of “homophobe,” “homophobia,” or “homophobic” to degrade, demean, and incite violence against everyone who dares to disagrees with an extremist ideology. Who is condemning this violence?

We must also abhor and condemn the violence committed by extremists who promote the slaughter of abortion where 5,000 innocent and defenseless children are robbed of their life right in its mother’s womb. Who mourns their precious lives?

We must also abhor and condemn the violence committed by extremists who promote aberrant curriculum and sexual programs that inflict spiritual and psychological violence against school children by robbing them of their innocence and virtue. Who is condemning this violence?

We must also abhor and condemn the violence committed by those pushing laws allowing individuals to enter bathrooms, dressing rooms, showers and other facilities designated and/or set aside for members of the opposite sex, in reckless violation of our constitutional rights to privacy and personal safety. Who is condemning this violence?

Let us be very clear: acceptance of any type of violence inevitably leads to the acceptance of all types of violence. Selective indignation and the refusal to condemn violence in all its insidious forms, are what enable, incite and justify the violence that shocked us this Sunday. Yes, what happened in Orlando is wrong, dead wrong. But it’s equally wrong and hypocritical to select which victims we are going to cry for.

 Independientemente de quiénes sean las víctimas…

Los que se niegan a condenar la violencia en todas sus formas son sus facilitadores

MIAMI, FL [Lunes, 05.13.2016]– Los asesinatos de este domingo en la Florida le han traído a casa el horror y la perversidad de la violencia a todos los estadounidenses. Trátese de un circulo de oración de cristianos piadosos, o una fiesta ruidosa en el auto-denominado bar “gay [sic] más caliente” de Orlando, nadie, absolutamente nadie, tiene el derecho a mutilar o asesinar a nadie. Independientemente de quienes sean las víctimas, todas las formas de violencia deben ser condenadas como igualmente equivocadas; igualmente detestables.

No nos engañemos pensando que algunas formas de violencia son malas, pero otras no. Sí, la violencia física es errada, pero no es el único tipo de violencia que se comete hoy contra los estadounidenses.

Hay también violencia espiritual, psicológica y moral; el tipo de violencia de la que los niños y las familias norteamericanas son víctimas mediante la campaña perniciosa de intolerancia, odio y discriminación librándose en la actualidad contra los cristianos en este país y el mundo entero. ¿Quién está condenando esta violencia?

No debemos ser hipócritas. Debemos practicar una ética coherente de respeto a la vida humana sea esta física, espiritual o intelectual, ya que toda vida es igualmente preciosa y sagrada. La indignación selectiva y la hipocresía farisaica nos convierten en cómplices y facilitadores de los violentos.

Sí, todos estamos llamados a aborrecer y condenar los actos de terrorismo y de odio cometidos en Orlando. Pero la consistencia ética exige que también aborrezcamos y condenemos la violencia no tan sutil de quien utiliza el feo insulto de “homófobo“, “homofobia“, o “homofóbico” para degradar, humillar e incitar a la violencia contra todos aquellos que se atrevan a expresar desacuerdo con una ideología extremista. ¿Quién está condenando esta violencia?

También debemos aborrecer y condenar la violencia cometido por los extremistas que promueven la masacre del aborto donde 5,000 niños inocentes e indefensos se les priva de su vida en el vientre de su madre. ¿Quién llora sus preciosas vidas?

También debemos aborrecer y condenar la violencia cometida por aquellos que promueven clases y programas sexuales aberrantes que tanta violencia espiritual y psicológica le causan a niños en edad escolar al robarles su inocencia y virtud. ¿Quién está condenando esta violencia?

También debemos aborrecer y condenar la violencia cometida por aquellos que impulsan leyes que permiten a individuos a entrar en los baños, vestidores, duchas y otras instalaciones designadas y/o reservados para personas del sexo opuesto, en violación abierta de nuestros derechos constitucionales a la privacidad y seguridad personal. ¿Quién está condenando esta violencia?

Vamos a ser muy claros: la aceptación de cualquier tipo de violencia conduce inevitablemente a la aceptación de todos los tipos de violencia. La indignación selectiva y el negarse a condenar la violencia en todas sus formas insidiosas, son lo que permiten, incitan y justifican la violencia que nos conmovió este domingo. Sí, lo que ocurrió en Orlando está mal, totalmente mal. Pero igualmente mal e hipócrita es seleccionar las víctimas por las que vamos a llorar.

For interviews, comments, or to belong, please contact us at:
POB 350751 | Jose Marti Station | Miami, FL 33135

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May 1, 2016

Mr. Brian C. Cornell
Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer
Target Corporation
1000 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403

RE: Target Stores’ War Against Customers / Reckless Disregard for Customer Privacy and Safety Rights

Dear Mr. Cornell:

Please be informed that the Executive Board of the Florida Democratic League (FDL), Florida’s largest minority-led Democratic voters organization, unanimously adopted a resolution calling for the permanent boycott of Target Stores until Target Corporation publicly apologizes for recklessly violating customer privacy and safety rights, and rescinds its extremist, ideology-based policy of allowing individuals to use opposite-sex dressing rooms and restrooms.

Furthermore, the FDL’s resolution also points out that human and civil rights are never based on an alleged sexual behavioral choice, preference, “expression,” or “identity.” These rights are based solely on an individual’s humanity or legal status, not on an alleged sexual behavioral choice or preference, or on an arbitrary opinion or fantasy of one’s sex, or so-called sexual “identity” or “expression.”

As a battle-proven champion for minority rights the FDL believes that everyone deserves to be treated fairly, that is why we strongly urges Target Corporation to unequivocally reject all policies that undemocratically force Target customers to submit to a macabre, universally-rejected ideology that is both hateful and inimical to the customers’ moral values, legal rights, and personal safety.

Please end immediately this hateful ideologically-based attack against the privacy and safety rights of all Target customers. We urge Target to the right thing; to get on the right side of history.


Ms. Sara P. Espinoza, President  |  Mr. Nathaniel Wilcox, Vice Chairman
Dr. Eladio Jose Armesto, Chairman, Board of Directors

cc: Jeffrey J. Jones II, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer; Stephanie A. Lundquist, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer; Michael E. McNamara, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer; John J. Mulligan, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer; Janna A. Potts, Executive Vice President and Chief Stores Officer; Jacqueline Hourigan Rice, Executive Vice President and Chief Risk and Compliance Officer; Cathy R. Smith, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; Laysha L. Ward, Executive Vice President and Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer.




{Adopted by the Florida Democratic League, June 24, 2015}

As despicable as is the misuse of the historic Confederate flag by racists, this misuse does not make it a symbol of racism any more than the use of the Rainbow flag by abrrosexualists (i.e., partisans of sodomy) make the rainbow a symbol of sodomy. The Confederate flag is the ensign of the Confederate States of America. It has nothing to do with racism and it’s extremely naive and disingenuous to think that taking it down will in any way help heal race relations in America. Let’s show a little more respect for people’s intelligence!

Removing the Confederate flag from the South Carolina capitol grounds is as senseless and deranged as the murders in a Charleston, S.C. Black church. A racist’s gross disrespect for innocent human life can never justify the gross disrespect towards a part of our nation’s history and heritage. No matter how you slice it, two wrongs will never make a right.

Think about it. A killer is not punished by taking down a flag; he’s punished by taking him down after a fair trial and due process of law. What if the murderer had been waving the Rainbow flag? Would the same crowd calling for the Confederate flag’s removal, be proposing the Rainbow flag be outlawed also?

Since when is extremism ever fought by surrendering to it? Yet, isn’t this precisely what South Carolina governor Nikki Haley do by agreeing to disrespect the Confederate flag, the great South Carolina patriots, and the history it represents? Isn’t it also un-American government censorship at its worst?

How will disrespecting and removing the Confederate flag from public places heal race relations in America? How will it prevent future murders? Doesn’t reason tell us that it solves nothing? Doesn’t commonsense tell us that it only adds more fuel to the fire? That it will only make matters worse?

Furthermore, if elected officials cave-in to extremists, and remove the Confederate flag from public places, where will all of this end? Isn’t this paving the way for the disrespect and removal of other national symbols and historical monuments? What about the Cross of Christ? Will it, too, be outlawed because some extremist claims it offends them?

Why not take this debate to its logical conclusion? Why don’t we remove all the former slave-holding states from the Union? Insanity knows no bounds. Extremism knows no limits. Friend, political correctness is fueled by ignorance and intolerance, not by reason and good sense.

Stop the demagoguery! Stop the hate! Stop the ignorant, divisive attacks on the Confederate flag!
Respect America. Respect Freedom. Respect the Confederate Flag.


For interviews, comments, or to belong, please contact us at:

POB 350751 | Jose Marti Station | Miami, FL 33135

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Solid Support for Rep. Artiles’

Bill to Protect Public Safety and Privacy

<< Floridians Demand the Much-Needed Protections HB 583 Provides. >>

Artiles, Frank 01

Florida State Representative Frank Artiles (R-Miami)

MIAMI, FL [02.09.2015] – This Monday, Florida Democratic League leaders voted unanimously to support State Representative Frank Artiles’ (R-Miami) bill HB 583 to protect the privacy and safety of all Florida residents using single-sex public facilities. Currently, public bathrooms, dressing rooms, locker rooms, and showers present opportunities for crimes against everyone that uses these facilities, including, but not limited to, assault, battery, molestation, rape, voyeurism, and exhibitionism.

The Florida Democratic League (FDL), one of our state’s leading minority-led Democratic voters’ civil rights and social justice advocacy organizations, issued the following statement:

<< State Representative Frank Artiles’ (R-Miami) bill HB 583 addresses important public safety and personal privacy issues. No amount of distortions, lies or manipulations will change that. It’s truly an embarrassment that in the 21st century, a female legislator from our party would hysterically attack a bill protecting women and little girls from sexual predators and deviants.

Every year, both in Florida and the rest of the nation, hundreds of women and little girls are sexually assaulted and abused in public facilities. HB 583 solves this serious problem. Representative Janet Cruz and all who oppose this common-sense bill, represent a clear and present danger to public safety.

Extremists like Rep. Cruz condemn the Democratic Party to ignominiously be a super-minority in Tallahassee. In 2014 alone, Florida voters ousted six (6) Democratic incumbents from the State House for their extremist ideology. It’s unfortunate that Rep. Cruz was not among them. If she keeps it up, however, her constituents could demand she be Baker-Acted. >>

The FDL, along with all Floridians, without any partisanship, applaud Representative Artiles for honoring his duty to defend and protect the privacy, rights and safety of ALL of us.



Founded in 1991, the Florida Democratic League (FDL) is today our state’s leading minority-led civil rights and social justice advocacy organization. The FDL’s grassroots campaigns have effectively raised issues of importance to all Floridians, especially minorities. As one of Florida’s most respected Democratic voters’ organizations, FDL is at the vanguard of local and statewide engagement in solving the most challenging problems of our time. FDL’s mission is to reaffirm respect for innocent human life, promote social justice and human development, preserve freedom through the Rule of Law, and inspire an end to hatred, ignorance and intolerance. For more information about FDL, please visit our Internet website:


Apoyo sólido para proyecto del Rep. Artiles

que protege la seguridad y la privacidad

<< ¡Los floridanos exigen las muy necesitadas protecciones que HB 583 proporciona! >>

MIAMI, FL [02.09.2015] – Este lunes, los líderes de la Liga Demócrata de la Florida votaron unanimemente apoyar el proyecto de ley HB 583 del representante estatal Frank Artiles (R-Miami) que protege la privacidad y la seguridad de todos los residentes de la Florida que usan instalaciones públicas de un solo sexo. Actualmente, los baños públicos, vestidores, vestuarios y duchas presentan oportunidades para crímenes contra todos los que los utilizan, incluyendo, pero no limitados a asaltos, agresiones, abusos sexuales, violaciones, voyerismo y exhibicionismo.

En respuesta, la LDF, una de las principales organizaciones de votantes demócratas dirigida por minorías en nuestro estado, pro derechos civiles y justicia social, emite la siguiente declaración:

<< El proyecto de ley HB 583 del representante estatal Frank Artiles (R-Miami) resuelve importantes problemas de seguridad pública y privacidad personal. Ninguna cantidad de distorsiones, mentiras o manipulaciones cambiara esto. Es realmente una vergüenza que en pleno siglo 21, una legisladora de nuestro partido histéricamente ataque un proyecto de ley que protege a las mujeres y las niñas de los depredadores y desviados sexuales.

Todos los años, tanto en la Florida y en el resto de la nación, cientos de mujeres y niñas son asaltadas y abusadas sexualmente en instalaciones públicas. HB 583 resuelve este problema grave. La representante Janet Cruz y todos los que se oponen a este proyecto de ley de sentido común, representan un peligro claro y presente a la seguridad pública.

Extremistas como la Rep. Cruz condenan el Partido Demócrata ser ignominiosamente una super-minoría en Tallahassee. En 2014 solamente, los votantes de la Florida sacaron de la Cámara a seis (6) titulares demócratas por su ideología extremista. Es lamentable que la rep. Cruz no estuvo entre ellos. Si sigue así, sin embargo, sus electores podrían exigir que la internen en un asilo mental. >>

La LDF, junto a todos los floridanos, sin distinción de partido, aplaude al Rep. Artiles por cumplir su deber de defender y proteger la privacidad, los derechos y la seguridad de todos nosotros.



Fundada en 1991, la Liga Demócrata de la Florida (LDF) es hoy la organización más importante de defensa de derechos civiles y justicia social dirigida por minorías en nuestro estado. Las campañas populares de la LDF plantean eficazmente cuestiones de importancia a todos los floridanos, especialmente las minorías. Como una de las organización de votantes demócratas más respetadas de la Florida, la LDF está en la vanguardia del compromiso local y estatal por resolver los problemas más desafiantes de nuestro tiempo. La misión de la LDF es reafirmar el respeto por la vida humana inocente, promover la justicia social y el desarrollo humano, preservar la libertad a través del Estado de Derecho, e inspirar el fin del odio, la ignorancia y la intolerancia. Para obtener más información sobre la LDF, por favor visite nuestro sitio de Internet:


Law-Abiding Floridians: Judge Zabel Violated the Law; Attacked Democracy; Denied Voters’ Rights

By Dr. Judy Meissner

Zabel, Sarah CorruptDiscredited Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Sarah Zabel

MIAMI, FL (January 5, 2015) We’re all taught to play by the rules. In a civil society, we rely on rules and procedures and laws as we go about our daily routine. When people break the rules, they’re expected to be held accountable for their actions — whether it’s within your family, on the job or at school, or in our society as a whole.

Miam-Dade Circuit Court Judge Sarah Zabel is no exception. There are rights, doctrines, and principles in the Florida Constitution, in Florida statutes and in the Rules of Judicial Conduct that set out the right way for judges to decide cases and issue rulings.

Judge Zabel totally missed that point in her July 25, 2014 decision overthrowing Florida’s Constitution and overturning a constitutionally-sanctioned election. She arrogantly disregarded US Supreme Court precedent in U.S. v. Windsor that holds that Marriage is not an issue of Constitutional law, but a public policy issue states have the right to decide.

Article II, Section 3 of the Florida Constitution expressly prohibits judges from enacting laws, stating that “the powers of the state government shall be divided into legislative, executive and judicial branches. No person belonging to one branch shall exercise any powers appertaining to either of the other branches unless expressly provided herein.”

The Florida Supreme Court has interpreted the “separation of powers” requirement to prohibit both encroachment by any one branch on the powers held by another, and delegation by any branch of its powers.

Judicial independence does not exempt Judge Zabel from obeying the Constitution from which she gets her very authority as a judge. Nor does it exempt her from complying with the provisions of the Florida Code of Judicial Conduct (CJC).

Judge Zabel’s decision corruptly violated not only the Florida Constitution’s separation of powers, but also the CJC. She acted in violation of her oath, duties and role as a member of the Judiciary. She engaged in conduct demonstrating her unfitness to hold judicial office.

Respect for constitutional government, the protection of the voter rights, the integrity of the judiciary, and the public safety and welfare of the people of Florida warrant Judge Zabel be disciplined by the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission and removed from office. She also deserves to be disbarred by the Florida Bar.

Close to 8 million Floridians cast their ballots in 2008 on constitutional amendment 2 defining Marriage as the union of a husband and a wife. If Judge Zabel disagrees with Florida’s voter-approved Constitution, she can change it the same everyone else can: by persuading our legislators to adopt new legislation or place the issue on the ballot, or by gathering the required number of signatures and letting Florida voters decide in a democratic election.

Zabel chose to overthrow the Constitution, overturn an election, circumvent the rules, and unlawfully deny Florida voters their civil rights. Justice demands that everyone be accountable for their actions, even members of the judiciary, like Judge Zabel. Justice delayed is justice denied. Zabel must go!

*** Judy Meissner, Ph.D., MPH, is an Israeli Professor of psychology, a public health and social welfare expert and an international human rights advocate. She is a director of the International Center for the Study of Aberrosexualism (ICSA), an organization of mental health professionals dedicated to the research of biologically aberrant sexual behavior and practices, or aberrosexualism, and other psico-sexual phenomema. You can contact her at



Putney, Michael 02 n

MICHAEL PUTNEY: Angry Racist Bigot

Michael Putney is a New York-born television reporter and media hack operating in South Florida, who routinely disrespects, misinforms, and insults the public with his angry, biased, racists, intolerant, ignorant ranting and raving.

Putney has an appalling penchant for viciously attacking people-friendly, fair-minded academic, civic, political and religious leaders to impose on his audience his corrupt, racist, aberrosexualist ideology. There is no room in South Florida for arrogant, disrespectful, close-minded, closet Ku Klux Klanners like Putney.

ALL human beings, Michael, deserve respect, not just those that happen to agree with your hate-filled, racist, and vile aberrosexualist ideology. Putney’s hate, racism, and disrespect have earned him a rightful place in The Wall of Shame.


Please contact Putney’s Bosses at WPLG Channel 10 and ask they put an end to his anger, bias, and hate or do our community a favor and simply fire him.

Bert Medina
Vice President and General Manager
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Pembroke Park, FL 33023

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