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What’s fair, just, or rational about treating two same-sex individuals as if they were somehow an opposite-sex couple?

By Dr. Judy Meissner

Truth, not lies

Unjust or unlawful discrimination is treating unequally that which is equal. It occurs when some are allowed or forbidden to do what others, under the same, equal circumstances and conditions, are allowed or forbidden to do.

What is fair, just, or rational about giving two individuals of the same sex the marital rights given to an opposite-sex couple? Nothing, of course, since two men or two women do not equal one man and one woman.

Because two men or two women will never equal or be the same as an opposite-sex couple, it can never be unjust, unlawful, or irrational to treat them differently. Indeed, it would be unjust and irrational to treat them the same! And for anyone to say otherwise speaks badly of their mental sanity.

No matter how you slice it, the extremists pushing the ideological fiction –some would say fraud- of so-called “Marriage Equality” have to own up to the fact that two men or two women do not equal an opposite-sex couple; they do not complement each other, they do not possess the same “equipment,” nor can they interact the same way. These extremists must admit that two men or two women cannot engage in sexual intercourse, cannot consummate a marriage, cannot start a family, and cannot, consequently, assure society a future.

Therefore, allowing only opposite sex couples to marry does not discriminate against same-sex individuals nor does it violate their 14th Amendment’s due process and equal protection rights. To say otherwise is not only patently false; it’s exquisitely absurd, insane and irrational.



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