{Adopted by the Florida Democratic League, June 24, 2015}

As despicable as is the misuse of the historic Confederate flag by racists, this misuse does not make it a symbol of racism any more than the use of the Rainbow flag by abrrosexualists (i.e., partisans of sodomy) make the rainbow a symbol of sodomy. The Confederate flag is the ensign of the Confederate States of America. It has nothing to do with racism and it’s extremely naive and disingenuous to think that taking it down will in any way help heal race relations in America. Let’s show a little more respect for people’s intelligence!

Removing the Confederate flag from the South Carolina capitol grounds is as senseless and deranged as the murders in a Charleston, S.C. Black church. A racist’s gross disrespect for innocent human life can never justify the gross disrespect towards a part of our nation’s history and heritage. No matter how you slice it, two wrongs will never make a right.

Think about it. A killer is not punished by taking down a flag; he’s punished by taking him down after a fair trial and due process of law. What if the murderer had been waving the Rainbow flag? Would the same crowd calling for the Confederate flag’s removal, be proposing the Rainbow flag be outlawed also?

Since when is extremism ever fought by surrendering to it? Yet, isn’t this precisely what South Carolina governor Nikki Haley do by agreeing to disrespect the Confederate flag, the great South Carolina patriots, and the history it represents? Isn’t it also un-American government censorship at its worst?

How will disrespecting and removing the Confederate flag from public places heal race relations in America? How will it prevent future murders? Doesn’t reason tell us that it solves nothing? Doesn’t commonsense tell us that it only adds more fuel to the fire? That it will only make matters worse?

Furthermore, if elected officials cave-in to extremists, and remove the Confederate flag from public places, where will all of this end? Isn’t this paving the way for the disrespect and removal of other national symbols and historical monuments? What about the Cross of Christ? Will it, too, be outlawed because some extremist claims it offends them?

Why not take this debate to its logical conclusion? Why don’t we remove all the former slave-holding states from the Union? Insanity knows no bounds. Extremism knows no limits. Friend, political correctness is fueled by ignorance and intolerance, not by reason and good sense.

Stop the demagoguery! Stop the hate! Stop the ignorant, divisive attacks on the Confederate flag!
Respect America. Respect Freedom. Respect the Confederate Flag.


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