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Florida Democratic League Letter of Advice to all Candidates:


Dear Miami-Dade Candidate for Elected Office:
The Florida Democratic League, as our state’s leading, minority-led, Democratic voters’ human rights and social justice advocacy organization, alerts you to the fact that an extremist homosexualist hate group operating in the Miami-Dade County area calling itself “SAVE” Dade may invite you to meet with it and respond to a deceptive “candidate questionnaire.”
As a respectable political candidate, you should know that “SAVE” Dade has brought political defeat to practically every candidate it has endorsed in past elections. Among the candidates who, to their detriment, accepted this extremist group’s dubious endorsement and consequently went down in humiliating defeat are:
  • Gubernatorial candidate Bill McBride defeated by pro-Family Governor Jeb Bush;
  • Attorney General candidate Buddy Dyer defeated by then pro-Family Charlie Crist;
  • State House candidate Jackie Colyer defeated by now State Representative Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall;
  • State House candidate Anthony Williams defeated by now State Representative Wilbur T. Holloway;
  • State House candidate Israel Andrews defeated by now State Representative Edward Bullard;
  • State House candidate Ronald Herrera defeated by now State Representative Ken Sorenson, in Monroe County;
  • County Commission candidate Roberto Curbelo defeated by Commissioner Joe Martínez;
  • School Board Member Jacqueline Pepper defeated by challenger Frank Cobo;
  • Miami Beach mayoral candidate Elaine Bloom defeated by Commissioner David Dermer;
  • Miami Beach commission candidate Bernie Navarro defeated by Richard L. Steinberg;
  • Andres Rivero, County Commission District 7 lost to Carlos Gimenez and Xavier Suarez;
  • Incumbent Circuit Court Judge Bruce Levy lost to first-time candidate Barbara Areces in a landslide 58-42;
  • Incumbent Circuit Court Judge Henry Harnage lost to Peter Adrien in a landslide 57-43;
  • Incumbent County Court Judge Jeffrey Swartz lost to first-time candidate Ada Pozo-Revilla;
  • City of Miami Shores candidate Javier Reynaldos, “SAVE” Dade board member, came in last of four candidates in a much-touted “SAVE” Dade stronghold!
Let’s be very clear: rather than seeking to endorse your candidacy and your campaign, what “SAVE” Dade extremists are really seeking is your endorsement of their extremist agenda, their extremist ideology, and their extremist campaigns. How could this ever be, even remotely, in your best interest? It’s not!
You should also know that “SAVE” Dade doesn’t even represent or speak for the “gays” [sic], lesbians, or bisexuals in Miami-Dade who have chosen to disassociate and distance themselves from the group’s deceptive, thuggish and undemocratic tactics.
Through these unethical tactics, “SAVE” Dade extremists have made it clear that they’re not about respecting voter rights and the democratic process, but rather about exploiting political candidates and elected officials to advance their narrow-minded, self-centered ideological interests.
The Florida Democratic League enthusiastically supports the American electoral process and the constitutional right of all Floridians to equality, freedom, equal protection, and due process. On past Election Days, our hundreds of citizen-volunteers work diligently at polling places throughout Miami-Dade County defending the core civic values which constitute the bedrock of our nation’s freedoms and which ultimately produce great political victories.
We look forward to working with you in the days ahead, as we continue this most important effort on behalf of our families and, indeed, all Floridians, regardless of their color, creed, disability, nationality, sex or race. Together, we will forge with resolve the unity needed to make our communities great for everyone, including the individuals “SAVE” Dade extremists politically exploit and falsely claim to represent. Thank you and God bless you.
With warmest regards,

Eladio José Armesto           Nathaniel J. Wilcox
Chairman                                Human Rights Chairman


SAVE Dade Hellrotika 2011 01

SAVE Dade Halloween 2013 03

SAVE Dade Halloween 2014 02

SAVE Dade Hellrotika 2011 03

[All photos shown here are from publicized “SAVE” Dade events.]

How anyone with any dignity and self-respect would even entertain seeking endorsement from an outfit like this is beyond Miami-Dade voters!

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