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Why you should belong to the FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC LEAGUE

Are you looking to belong to a grassroots organization that helps organize and unite Florida’s families and communities —with their rich cultural diversity and experiences— for effective actions against racial and ethnic discrimination as well as government abuse, corruption, and injustice?

By belonging to the Florida Democratic League you will learn from and build on the powerful history of the civil rights movement. You’ll be working intelligently and effectively for a better, prosperous future today!

Prepare, organize and mobilize with other Floridians dedicated to developing an understanding of the world based on the interests of people.

Help the Florida Democratic League build a more just, safer, and prosperous Florida. Fill out the information below and you’ll be contacted as soon as possible.


After receiving your application, a FDL representative will contact you to further explain the responsibilities of joining the FDL, and the process by which you can become a member.
Please provide us with the needed information so we can get back to you.

In these times of growing extremism, angry rhetoric and lawless contempt for the Constitution and the Rule of Law, the Florida Democratic League needs your support more than ever.

For interviews, comments, or to belong, please contact us at:
POB 350751 / Jose Marti Station / Miami, FL 33135

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