Another Outlaw Judge Violates the Constitution, Denies Floridians Fundamental Voter Rights!
<<< History will judge them harshly! >>>

Martin Luther King 01

MIAMI, FL – In yet another incident of judicial corruption and lawlessness in South Florida over the last 18 days, today, Broward County Circuit Judge Dale Cohen overthrew Florida’s voter-approved Constitution and denied Floridians their fundamental voter rights.

Judge Cohen’s corrupt and illegal decision attacking Florida’s respect for the institution of Marriage as the union of one man, one woman, is a clear violation of constitutional separation of powers and a judicial lynching of the nearly 8 million voters who cast their ballots in 2008 and fully expected to have their votes respected.

Cohen also violated the constitutional due process and equal protection rights of ALL voters as well as undermined the Rule of Law in “finding” a so-called “constitutional right to homosexual so-called ‘marriage’, which does not even exist!”

“Millions of Americans died fighting in battlefields around the world to defend the constitutional rights Judge Cohen has denied Floridians todays. He has violated his Oath of Office and the Code Judicial Conduct. This is a racist ruling that destroys public confidence in the judiciary and inflicts irreparable harm to respect for the Rule of Law,” adds Sara Espinoza, president of the Florida Democratic League, the state’s largest Hispanic-led Democratic voters’ organization.

Cohen’s lawless decision to overthrow Florida’s Constitution, violate constitutional separation of powers, and deny fundamental voter rights is in brazen contempt to the legally binding precedent established by the U.S. Supreme Court in U.S. vs. Windsor. In so doing, Mr. Cohen has also offended “basic human decency,” violated his Oath of Office, the Code of Judicial Conduct, and the Florida Bar Canons of Ethics. Cohen has forfeited his legacy and his right to remain on the bench.


<> Cohen’s decision is discriminatory, unjust, and unlawful because it disenfranchises the nearly 8 million Florida citizens who exercised their constitutional right to vote in the historic 2008 elections, in which the institution of Marriage as the union of one man and one woman was overwhelming approved by 62 percent of Florida voters.

<> Cohen’s decision is discriminatory, unjust, and unlawful because it is in criminal contempt of the legally binding U.S. Supreme Court precedent in U.S. vs. Windsor as well as the constitutional provision establishing separation of powers.

<> Cohen’s decision is discriminatory, unjust, and unlawful because it trashes the votes of all the nearly 8 million citizens who voted on the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment in 2008. These citizens exercised their right to vote with the full expectation that their vote would be respected, not trashed six years later by a corrupt, incompetent judge.

<> Cohen’s decision is discriminatory, unjust, and unlawful because it is based on Cohen’s own personal ideological bias and racially-suspect prejudices. Cohen was elected to uphold the Constitution and respect Florida law, not arbitrarily and capriciously impose his biases and prejudices on the people whose rights he swore to protect.

<> Cohen’s decision is discriminatory, unjust, and unlawful because it corruptly denies all Florida voters the 14th Amendment due process and equal protection rights.

<> Cohen’s decision is discriminatory, unjust, and unlawful because it unlawfully places Plaintiffs’ above Florida’s Constitution and Laws. Every Floridian, regardless of their alleged sexual behavioral choices or preferences, must be subject to the same constitutional mandates, the same laws, and the same rules and regulations. Cohen’s decision unlawfully carves out an exemption for Plaintiffs.

<> Cohen’s decision is discriminatory, unjust, and unlawful because it unlawfully exempts Plaintiffs from compliance with the laws every other Floridian must obey to change public policy issues with which they don’t agree.

Regardless whether the public policy issue is the fiction of same-sex so-called “marriage” or any other issue, ruling to overturn a constitutionally-sanctioned election is a direct and irreversible violation of the voter rights and constitutional liberties of citizens of a free and democratic society. In America, no one is above the law; no individual is better than another, nor does any individual have a greater claim to rights than others. Cohen must resign from the bench, or be removed by Florida’s Judicial Qualifications Commission and be disbarred by the Florida Bar.


For more information or an interview,
please contact the Florida Democratic League at (786) 786-8787.


Founded in 1991, the Florida Democratic League (FDL) is one of the state’s leading Minority-led civil rights and social justice advocacy organizations. Our grassroots campaigns have effectively raised issues of importance to all Floridians, but especially minorities. As one of Florida’s oldest Democratic voters’ political organizations, FDL is worlds ahead in its local and statewide engagement, finding solutions to the most challenging problems of our time. FDL emphasizes involvement and active engagement as a major component of its community-representing mission. Since its founding the FDL is continuously enhancing its ability to create lasting positive change in our community. For more information about FDL, please visit



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