The despicable slurs of “homophobe,” “homophobic,” and “homophobia” are condemned by all fair-minded Americans.

 Stachowicz, Mary Aberro Victim 01

Mary Stachowicz was beaten to death in 2002 by an aberrosexual who considered her “homophobic.” She is a victim of extremist hate and violence, yet her brutal murder was ignored by many in the U.S. Media.

All fair-minded Americans are deeply offended by and condemn the use of the disrespectful “homophobe” slur.

Homophobe,” “homophobic,” or “homophobia” are all hate-loaded slurs hurled by bigots to unjustly discriminate, stigmatize, demean, and hurt everyone who disagrees with their ideology and political agenda. We can all agree that these slurs are as despicable as any other ethnic, racial or sexist slur.

Truly, they have no place in civil, respectful public discourse and it should be understood that they are never acceptable. Never!


It’s always been easy for those desensitized by bigotry to shrug off “homophobe,” “homophobia,” or “homophobic” as just another word. They dismiss everyone who gets upset over it as being “too sensitive.” Interestingly, they would never dare to make the same argument with the N-word. That’s because they recognize what a loaded term it is, bound up in centuries of painful history and violence.

Isn’t it equally wrong to use a slur hurled by ideologues seeking to discriminate against those who can’t view biologically aberrant sexual behavioral choices as “normal”? Isn’t the use of slurs the kind of thing that tells us more about the user than the folks they utter them against? Don’t slurs make those who use them look bigoted, at worst; ignorant, at best?


Isn’t the inability to perceive other people as equals deserving of the same civility and respect they want for themselves what unites bigots, racists and, of course, ideological extremists? Don’t they also seem to forget that slurs, insults and ridicule are the arguments of individuals that simply have no arguments? Perhaps that’s why hate groups invariably resort to insults, mockery, and slurs against those who disagree with them. Yet in the end, they all must recognize that those who demand respect must first extend it to everyone else.

Sooner or later, however, because of these ugly slurs’ continued use, someone will be assaulted or murdered by a partisan of the Aberrosexualist ideology (the anti-sexual normalcy ideology pushing biologically aberrant sexual behavioral choices, or Aberrosexualism) for which these slurs provide cover. And the next time someone is assaulted or murdered because of their falsely imputed “homophobia,” that blood trail will lead directly to those who recklessly use the “homophobe,” “homophobic,” or “homophobia” slurs. They are responsible for creating the climate of hate, bigotry and intolerance that feeds this aggression, discrimination, and violence.


Please, help us put an end to this terrible climate before others get hurt or worse, killed, as happened to Mary Stachowicz, a 51-year-old Chicago mother of four children and a devout Catholic, whose lifeless body was found in a crawl space beneath her murderer’s apartment. Mary was murdered by an aberrosexual (aka homosexual) neighbor because he considered her a “homophobe” and, therefore, deserving of death.

In today’s emotionally-charged political climate, much is tolerated, and much is ignored or dismissed. But you diminish civil discourse when you use the words like “homophobe” or “homophobic” to define everyone who is pro-sexual normalcy or disagrees with biologically aberrant sexual behavioral choices and practices.

Will you be part of the problem or part of the solution? Will you allow the festering of the terrible harm these highly disrespectful, pejorative terms cause? Or will you take the time to educate others and condemn these slurs?


Demand a Homophobe,” Homophobic,” or “HomophobiaAnti-Slur Policy be adopted, posted and reviewed at work and at school. Work with colleagues to identify and support enforcement of community-wide expectations.

Post the “Respectful Space” posters in classrooms and hallways (available from FDL).

Intervene immediately to stop the use of these hurtful slurs:

Use a “matter of fact” tone. “Excuse me, that language is unacceptable. “Homophobe,” “homophobic,” or “homophobia”  are put downs. Using them is against our rules and regulations.” Call these slurs demeaning, degrading, and disrespectful.

If time is available, define the meaning of a slur. Explain that slurs promote hatred and justify violence against its victims.

If needed, clearly explain why you are calling the incident “hate speech.” Occasionally, people don’t realize the bigotry or prejudice in what they are saying. Take a few moments to explain why what they are saying is name‐calling.

<> “Calling someone a ‘homophobe’ or ‘homophobic’ is offensive. Although you might mean ‘stupid’, you are actually saying that “stupid” and being pro-sexual normalcy or expressing disagreement with biologically aberrant sexual behavioral choices, or Aberrosexualism, are the same. It is not okay to put down other people. Furthermore, it’s not okay to call other people stupid.”

■ Take Advantage of Teachable Moments. Ask the person if they know why the term is so offensive. If persons understand where the slur comes from, or the history of why it is hurtful, it can often help avert further offenses. “The word ‘homophobia’ refers to an alleged psychological condition that does not exist. The word ‘homophobia’ first appeared in print in a May 23, 1969 article published in the antisocial, pornographic magazine Screw. It was used to ridicule men who didn’t want others to think they were aberrosexual.”

■ Confront Sexist Stereotypes. Sexist stereotypes are simplistic notions held by individuals or groups against those who disagree with their sexual ideology or political agenda. Hearing somebody refer to those who are pro-sexual normalcy or who disagree with biologically aberrant sexual behavioral choices as “homophobes” or calling people “homophobic” should also be addressed as bullying behavior.

Seek Immediate Measures. If appropriate, seek immediate consequences for the individual using the ugly slurs of “homophobe,” “homophobic,” or “homophobia.”

■ Follow up privately, if necessary. Check in with the person who was called a name to make sure s/he is okay, and to let them know that you care.

■ Follow up with the Name-Caller. It’s also a good idea to follow up with the individual that used the hurtful language. Often times, individuals that bully are in need of positive role models, not just correction.


 Additional Tips for High School Classrooms

7 ways you can address disrespectful “homophobe,” “homophobic,” or “homophobia” slurs

■ Let the student know that you have pro-sexual normalcy friends or family and that you find what they said personally offensive.

<> “You know, I have good friends who are fair-minded and pro-sexual normalcy, so I find what you just said to be really offensive.”

■ Explain to the student whyhomophobe,” “homophobic,” orhomophobia are inappropriate.

<> “What you just said was really inappropriate because you are implying that there is something wrong with being in favor of sexual normalcy when there isn’t.”

■ Ask student to repeat what they said using non-offensive, respectful language.

<> “You need to say that again without the disrespectful hate language please.”

■ Remind students that there is nothing wrong with being pro-sexual normalcy or with disagreeing with biologically aberrant sexual behavioral choices, or aberrosexualism.

<> “Just because you may dislike being pro-sexual normalcy, you should not use a word that actually disrespects and hurts.”

■ Teach students more sophisticated words to substitute for “homophobe,” “homophobic,” or “homophobia.” You could teach just one word or several and have a poster on the wall to point to. Remind students that using hate-loaded slurs makes them look ignorant, while using more sophisticated terms will make them look smarter. When a student uses a phrase like “that’s homophobic,” have them restate it using one of the sophisticated words.

■ Make a list of slurs with your students that they commonly use and hear. Talk about why they are wrong and about what kind of people might use those terms. Keep this banned words list handy, on the wall, etc., to remind students not to use them.

■ Teach students the pejorative meaning of the slurs “homophobe,” “homophobic,” or “homophobia” (degrading, demeaning, discriminating, and disrespecting everyone who is pro-sexual normalcy), talk about the similarities between the antisocial Aberrosexualist slurs and ethnic, racial or sexist slurs. Then remind them that they are being hurtful whether they know it or not.

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